Lecce is a culturally alive and full of events town, – from film festivals to an important Opera’s season. But the whole Salento is characterized by a strong cultural ferment. Over the last few years it has been able to plan its own cultural offerings, organizing events as well as greater emphasis on its territory outside of the region and abroad. For instance the Notte della Taranta, with one single concert date in Melpignano, for several years covering almost the entire summer, reaching all municipalities in the Greek Salento and also others related to the myth of “Taranta”, or Salento Negroamaro the review, which includes the presence of artists of the first bands, or even the Baroque Prize, which officially opens the summer of Salento.

The events of the local tradition, village festivals, fairs, wine tasting, gastronomic and historical events, however, are more popular with tourists and travellers especially in summer, but now you can say all year, crowding the area. With more than 100 villages in the single province of Lecce, within which there are on average 3 / 4 events of this type, it is easy to say that in Salento is a holiday all year round.