All the Salento is full of art and worth to be travelled far and wide. From prehistoric traces to Messapians’, and Romanesque and Baroque. It combines elements of Byzantine art, Greek, Norman. Small kiosks resting among the olive trees, dolmens and Menhirs, castles and Aragons’ towers, churches, altars, frescoes, medieval villages and fortified farms … and then the parks, and caves. And the sea, the cliffs, a varied landscape – and the most beautiful air and sky in Italy. And they are not strenuous and tiring trip. You go – by car – from the Adriatic coast to the Ionian in less than an hour, and you go to Leuca, around the Cape of Otranto, and then Gallipoli in less than two.

Not wishing to make long trips, even in the immediate vicinity of Le Sciare there are cities and villages worth visiting: Lecce, famous for its baroque architecture, Melendugno, San Foca, Roca, Otranto, Acaya, Acquarica of Lecce, Borgagne, Calimera, Martano, San Cataldo, Vernole… And the park Le Cesine – oasis of rare beauty, managed by WWF: 620 acres of rich and varied vegetation, and a large variety of wildlife and migratory birds.